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693661Performance - HCM (currently only payroll)
445422For BDC upload for IT 586 (sec 88) and IT 585 (sec 80)
109533Use of SAP function modules
981544Enabling Rehiring
1792363Support for India Payroll 
2441088 Form 12BB mail log and Form 16 selection screen
521396IT0004(Challenge) and relevance to Sec80-U and conveyance
2507472Payroll on Demand in India Payroll Localization
2500216Form 16 gives incorrect results when using Payroll Area in Selection Screen.
542629Error message if no results exist for period 12 in period 12
2567979Loan: default object ID and currency fields are not set for a new loan
2619066Form 16 output contains incorrect amounts or missing sections
557473Specific customization for Payroll India
2619066Form 16 output contains incorrect amounts or missing sections
995880Fringe benefit on Superann. contribution exceeding 1 lakh
1396661New Perquisite Rules in Budget 2009-Superannuation & ESOP's
1480136Superannuation configuration changes for cross FY retros

Form 24Q e-File FAQ

1301211Inconsistency in New Form 24Q if /4MI is zero
1529052Enabling nominal projection of HRA exemptions
1087230Exemption Computation based on Nominal Projection
941288Additional feature for projection of monthly income
2757541Wage Types Processing, Cumulation & Evaluation Class Using Report RPDLGA40
1669287 Section 89 adjustment wage types correction

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