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The output of the ad-hoc query doesn't contain all IT0022 records.

Reason: IT0022 records can be created also before the hire date.

To receive data the time periods of the selected infotypes must overlap regardless of the reporting period.

If we select employees by IT0000 (PA0000-PERNR) the IT0022 records with begin date < hire date will be missing from the result list.

There are several solutions to your problem:

  1. Use function EDIT->SETTINGS in S_PH0_48000513 and delete the checkbox for 'Use selection conditions' on tabstrip OUTPUT. The consequence is, that the specified select-options are used only to calculate the hitlist of persons. When the output is started, ALL data is presented for these selected persons (and not only those data, that fulfills the select- options).
  2. Use the field PERNR from infotype 0022 (P0022-PERNR) as the select-option instead of infotype 0000 (P0000-PERNR).
  3. Use switch TIME_DEPENDENCE within the infoset to specify, that data records of infotype 0022 should be printed regardless of their validity. This is the recommended solution. The result is, that when processing the split logic for calculating validity intervals and processing records according their compliance with the calcutated splits, infotype 0022 is treated independent from its validity dates. So the fact, that an infotype 0022 record is valid BEFORE infotype 0001-records is ignored.

Assign the following coding in SQ02

*$HR$ [P0022]