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You want to configure the Leave Request framework.


Determination of the Approver

 Firstly you can determine the approver using
PTARQ> Determine approver

You can determine approver using the Rule group customisation in Table V_PTARQ_TPROCESS

Otherwise you can use the BADI

The BAdI Control Processing Processes for Time
Management Web Applications (PT_GEN_REQ) and implement the methode

PT_GET_REQ  might be utilised here.

Please have a look at the  method

If you are implementing the badi then make sure you copy all the methods
and implement the one, as mentioned.

If you want to suppress some application message in the Leave request this can be easily done and also you can convert an error into Warning Message type

Personnel Management -> Employee Self-Service->Service specific
settingsWorking Time -> Leave Request -> Processing Processes->
Configure Output of messages. Here for the corresponding rulegroup you
could maintain an entry with only the message type filled as "Warning"
and please check the flag "Do not display Message". Then none of the
warning messages will be displayed. All of them will be supressed.

You can do the customisation in table V_HRWEB_TRS_MESS

An illustration of the Message type :

Application Area is "HRTIM00BLPRETRO"
Message  Type : Error
Message No    : 009 or 006, Please check this

You can make use of BADI PT_GEN_REQ for this purpose. Following
method is provided in BADI for managing the messages.


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