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Announcement of upcoming Legal Changes

1) Announcement of Legal Change application

Get information about upcoming legal changes using the Announcement of Legal Change application:

(warning) Update: You can subscribe to email notifications to receive the new legal change announcements when you create a search variant (e.g. select country "United Kingdom"). To subscribe to the email notification, select Daily/Weekly/Monthly as the Notification option for your saved search variants in the Manage Variants dialog box. 


Please note that the old “Legal Changes report” ( has been discontinued from end of April 2016.


2) UK and Ireland Globalisation Services JAM page

See the "Legal Changes Under Consideration" subpage of the JAM page:

Not a member yet? Apply for access by emailing the following address:


Released Legal Change Notes

Our weekly Customer Newsletters also contain a list of the notes issued during the previous week.

The Newsletters are uploaded onto the UK and Ireland Globalisation Services JAM page. You may apply for access to the JAM page by emailing the following address:


You can also view the issued Legal Change Notes using the Launchpad:

Click on “SAP Legal Change Notes”:

Select the UK on the map:

The list of notes related to legal changes and corrections of legal functions appear:

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