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Legal changes for 2014

Important notes for 2014


2083923HRSK: Insurance of Dividends -   Payroll warning for retroacti
2031651HRSK: Alphanumeric Code of Area   of Education
2067507HRSK: Insurance of Dividends
2046777HRSK: Wagetypes M600 M605 /357;   Special health insurance in
2026003HRSK: HSKCBNK0 - adding due date   to output list
2008063SK FI-CA Electronic VAT Ledger:   Multiple Run Execution
2012279SK FI-CA Electronic VAT Ledger:   Multiple Run Execution - REP
2010011HRSK: HSKCBNK0. blank   REGUH-LIFNR for cumulated payment is n
2000253HRSK: EhP8 upports
1990958HRSK: HSKLVDP0 yearly tax report   XML and flat file changing
1993269VAT Ledger for Slovakia -   SAP_FIN 700
1995614HRSK: Reason and absences in HI   and SI
1985457HRSK: IBAN in Health Insurance   File 601, 514 extended validi
1970729HRSK: Tax certificates changing
1961101RPFISK_VATCNTRL Solution:DDIC   Note
1966381HRSK: 2014 SI reports
1960111HRSK: Levy exemption and SI
1965015HRSK: Voluntary contribution of   SDS in Tax certificate
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