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If you have ever used T-Code SM30/SM31 for configuration, I am sure that you will share my opinions. These T-Code are really convenient and do make more sense.

Spro is also important for a consultant. However in spro we have to flow links and click a lot. If the link is long, it will be difficult for us to remember. So whenever you put a question how to link Spro with SM30/SM31. Which table/ view in SM30/SM31 provides same functions in SPRO.

Now I will show you how to do. I'm not sure all links in SPRO will have table/view in SM30/SM31, but almost (smile)
First looking at 1 link in srpo:
Time Management
Time Data Recording and Administration
Absence Catalog
Absence Counting
Group Employee Subgroups for Time Quotas

and go inside here (after choosing Country Grouping)

There are 2 ways here.

1st: In menu bar, chose Utilities(M) -> Change Logs

Just input short period and then run (F8):

Now you can see the Table/View in SM30/SM31

As you can see in my example it's V_503_E.

2nd: Using Ctrl + P or with link in menu as picture below:

And you can see the Table / Table View immediately. The second solution is absolutely better.

Now I go to SM30/SM31

After that we will have the same screen for supporting configurations.

By the way, why we should you SM30/SM31??? I will share you a tip here. Look at picutes:

1. Input V_503_*

2. Pressing F4 key:

As you can see, a lot of views to configure involving this topic (Group Employee Subgroups). And the most important is V_503_ALL.

Add-on: from SM30 / SM31, get links in Spro. Please following steps below.

1. Clicking on Customizing button

2. Choosing Continue w/o Specifying Project

3. Waiting few second (sometime it's few minutes as there are a lot of links in spro corresponding with that Table/ Table View).

You can see lists of Implementation guide here (it's SPRO), click and system will automatically move to corresponding configuration link in spro.



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