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The main stages of the download. Tables of the local database

Preparation steps to upload data to the local database

  • Check the free space on the application server

To download files, you need at least 25 GB on the application server

  • Check the free space on the DataBase server

    Data on objects, houses and abbreviated names together can occupy at least 27 GB

  • Plan the time to download data

FIAS Loader needs to download :

      • at least 4 hours for table HRPARU_D_FIAS
      • at least 30 minutes for other 4 tables
  • Get the current version of the database from the site

  • Download 5 files from the rar-file to the application server

For example using tr.CG3Z

The folder name must be specified in the logical path configuration HR_RU_FIAS

Examples of the configuration of logical file HR_RU_FIAS
  • Tr.FILE
  1. logical path HR_RU_FIAS

    Logical File Path: HR_RU_FIAS
    Name: File path for report FIAS Loade

  2. Enter syntax grp:

    1. UNIX Unix compatible

      Syntax group    UNIX       All Unix Platforms

       Physical path   <FILENAME>

    2. WINDOWS NT Microsoft Windows NT 
      Syntax group    WINDOWS NT Microsoft Windows N
      Physical path   <FILENAME

  3. Create new logical file HR_RU_FIAS
    1. HR_RU_FIAS Logical file for report FIAS Loader
      Logical File    HR_RU_FIAS
      Name            Logical file for report FIAS Loader  
      Physical file   <PARAM_1>
      Data format     ASC
      Applicat.area   HR 
      Logical path    HR_RU_FIAS


  • Example of Changes for Transaction SF01

Log. File       HR_RU_FIAS


Physical file   <P=DIR_TEMP>/<PARAM_1>

Data format     ASC

Applicat.area   HR

Logical path     HR_RU_FIAS 







  • Before starting FIAS downloader, check the CLIENT parameter

Fill the CLIENT parameter for  FIAS in the table VV_T7RURPTCST00_FIAS_CLIENT or follow SPRO path :  Personnel Management > Personnel Administration > Personal Data > Addresses > FIAS Address Data (Russia) > Specify Client for FIAS Local Data Storage 

You do not need to repeat downloading for each client, just define the client parameter with the client number to which FIAS was loaded

  • Run the report FIAS Loader (RPUPADRU_FIASLOADER)
    • SAP menu -> Payroll-> Europe -> Russia-> Information system -> Reporting-> Personnel administration-> FIAS loader
  • Enter the file names in the appropriate fields

  • Use the background mode to load large XML files 



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