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Report RPUAUD00:


This page will detailed how to get changes on master data log, via report RPUAUD00  .


The different tables and there use will be detailed below as well as the information required in the report iteslf to run properly.

Required customizing:

First table V_T585A :

This table is used to include any required infotype in the log. If there is no entry in this table for a specific infotype, no changes on this infotype will be recorded in the log.

Also if an infotype needs to be logged as an applicant and in master data then 2 entries will be required. One with transaction class A and another one with transaction class B.

the table V_T585B:

This table is used to configured which fields will trigger the log. In case any changes (excluding validity dates) needs to be log, then in column 'Field' enter *. Otherwise specific field must be recorded in this table

Finally table V_T585C

This table is used to specicy how the log will be generated. Infotype logs contain two types of documents: long-term documents L and short-term documents S.

  • Long-term documents are sorted by personnel numer and infotype. They are used for revision purposes, in other words to find out who changed, deleted or created what and when.
  • Short-term documents are sorted by the date on which the last change was made. They can be used to link external systems to the SAP System. In this way, customer-specific programs can be used to evaluate short-term documents and the modified data can then be transferred to the external system.

NB: If not fields are changed, meaning if only the dates of the records itself is changed then it will not be log in the report, see note below for description of this behaviour

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