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Modifying the RoadMap Steps 

This article describes the step by step procedure of how to modify the text displayed in the 'RoadMap steps' of the XSS Applications.

 Roadmap steps usually have the texts like 'Overview','Edit','Review' and 'Save' in the XSS applications in Employee Self-Service. Below is the step by step procedure of how you can change the texts displayed.

You need Self-Service Administrator Role to do the changes:

  • Download the .sca file for Self-Service Administrator role from the Service market place.
  • Deploy the .sca file in your portal.

Assign the role to the User. 

Assign the Self Service Administrator Role to your user.              

  • Navigate to User Administration.
  • Search the user to whom you need to assign the role.
  • Choose the user from the search result and  Press Edit
  • Enter on right side under role assignment in the search field * and press Start
  • Select the Self Service Administrator Role and press Add: The role appears under the assigned roles
  • On the left side press Save. 

Re login with the same user, you will be able to see the Self-service Administrator role in the portal.  The following are the steps to be done to change the roadmap labels for the application - Example is explained with Address application of Hongkong.

  1. Go to Self-service Administrator(role) -> Portal Content ->Content Provided by SAP -> Self-service Configuration -> Employee Self-Services -> Hong Kong -> Address -> FPM Applications -> Per_Address_HK.
  2. Right Click ?Per_Address_HK? and click open->object.
  3. Once you open the object, you should be able to see the FPM Application Editor with the Define Road Map step.   
  4. If you want to change the label of Overview step. Click on the overview under description.   
  5. Change the label and press Enter. This changes the label.  
  6. You can change all the labels if you wish to.
  7. Click on SAVE to save the changes done.
  8. If you run the application (Address-Hong Kong) now, you should be able to see the new labels in the Road Map of the application. You have to make these changes separately for every application.

 Note:Please note that these changes will be reflected only in the portal in which the changes are done. If you want the changes to get reflected in some other portal, you have to create an .epa of the DC and transport it to the other portal.

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  1. Unknown User (105j37ed2)

    Hi shradha,

     My requriement was to change the name of road map step in Enrollment iview from review enroolment to just review.

    for this change i went to Self-Service administrator role under which Portal Content->Content Provided by SAP> srvconfig>> Benefits->FPM APplications->Benefits Application  changed the name in road map and saved it. But the changes are not reflected .Can you tell me what might the reason be?



  2. Unknown User (987i3y3r)

    Hi shradha,

    We have tried following the instructions exactly as detailed and are experiencing the same issue as Sushanth in the post above - i.e. the change is not being reflected in the portal.  It has saved successfully in the FPM application but does not show up anywhere else.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    We got round the changes not being displayed by creating a translation worklist and adding the FPM application to it.  We then went in and translated from raw to English and updated the values to our new wording.  Published the translation and the new text was displayed in the portal.