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Multiple Employment solution is inactive after Upgrade from Release 4.70 to ERP2005 and above release

With the introduction of the note 739408 the following switches have been moved from T77S0 to T5GPBS_ALL.

This should minimise the impact to PS specific functionality during an upgrade.

HRPSG ME X = Activate ME solution

HRPSG MEPAY X = Activate ME Payslip Aggregation

HRPSG ME_CK X X = Activate ME NI & Tax Checks

T5GPBS_ALL has the benefit of being a "C" (customising) table and also it is time dependent.

Also the following entries to be maintained in table view V_T5GPBS_ALL

Group Key Startdate Enddate Field Text

Multiple Employments SW 01.01.1800 31.12.9999 X Activate ME solution

Multiple Employments WCC 01.01.1800 31.12.9999 X Activate ME consistency checks

Also, please refer to the note 819923.

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