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Through this wiki I will give you some useful hints in case you want to run payroll for several countries for which there is no SAP standard payroll driver in the same instance .

You can see whether a localization is available for a given country at the following link in SAP marketplace:


It is not possible to have several countries using molga 99. Therefore I  recommend to use the international payroll driver RPCALCX0 (Molga 99) as a template. You can create a payroll driver under the specific country molga by copying the mentioned template.

E.g. you want to run payroll for Cabo Verde and there is not a standard payroll driver for that country:

Go to transaction SE38 and copy RPCALCX0 into a Z* program:

 Finally change molga '99' to molga "CV":

Whenever you do a modification, use a copy of the include you are going to modify.

Also here (Instead of changing RPCINIX9 directly, please created your copy of RPCINIX9 for your country):


And then substitute RPCINIX9 by your copy of RPCINIX9 in the main program:

For the schema: You copy X000 to your own one using TCODE PE01 and change MOLGA:


Related tables:

T52B4, T500L

Note (Prerrequisite):

It's not enough to create a payroll driver, but you require a country grouping and a cluster ID for saving the payroll results.

Check SAP note 212246  for additional information.

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