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The new IR8A form (RPCT8AR0_01) is the enhanced edition for RPCT8AR0. This form must be completed and handed by the employer to the employee, generally not later than 1st March of the succeeding year of declaration as it summarised employees' total income earned in the preceding year. Appendix 8A substantiate details of benefits given to the employee during his employment with the company.

Most employees who are on the company's payroll are liable to pay income tax to IRAS (Inland Revenue Authoirity of Singapore) ( . The employer is responsible to provide IRAS detailed information on employee's earnings for the preceding year (i.e. previous calendar year) during their employment with the company.

The following employees working in Singapore are required to submit the IR8A Form:

  • Full time resident employees with minimum wage of $650 per month or $8000 per annum
  • Part time resident employees
  • Non-resident employees
  • Company director (including non-resident director)
  • Pensioner

New Features in the RPCT8AR0_01:

  • Update IR8A results in cluster
    A new 'R1' cluster in table PCL2 is created. This cluster stores all fields of IR8A including the Appendixes forms. When new IR8A report is executed with this flag, the records will be stored in the R1 cluster. The cluster results will be used to derive the delta earnings by comparing against the latest results. In the case when previous IR8A submission results are not available, the system will compute the delta earnings using the payroll results based on the cut-off date.
  • Generate for previous periods
    This option is to generate the ‘Additional’ IR8As for the previous years. If option is not chosen, the report will run only for the current tax year results.
  • Re-print report
    This is to select for reprinting the IR8A results on ‘Original’, ‘Additional’ or ‘Amended’ stored in the cluster. This option can be used for single employee and output option as SAPscript only. A selection screen will be provided to the user to select from all results available in the cluster for the tax year.
  • Generate amended report
    This option is similar of running the report RPCT8AR0 as the system will not calculate the delta earnings but an amended IR8A for all the years will be provided. If this option is not selected, the system will generate the ‘Additional’ IR8A by default.
    Note: Additional form is not required if some non-taxable amount is changed (e.g. compensation for loss of office). Users should submit amended form to IRAS if such wages are changed.