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I] Introduction/ Summary:

The new enhance package contained 3 new functionalities

  1.  PMP-Predefined performance management
  2.  Flexible process
  3. Cascading of goals

The PMP functionality was delivered to provide an easiest way to create an appraisal template and appraisal process. Changes are mostly in user interface as web dynpro is used instead of BSP page. The template is then automatically created in the backend in the PHAP_CATALOG.

In standard role for ESS both PMP and flexible is delivered in MSS only PMP is delivered.Content administration must be used in the portal to hide the unnecessary role for ESS.

The technology for the 'views' is POWL. In ESS the document is displayed under one tab, whereas in MSS there is one tab per status.

Timeline for predefined template is also called 'Flash Island control'.

  • Cascading goalsàbefore integration existed for the same with system SEM but it was not widely used as SEM was necessary (maintained in scorecard).With this new function it is possible to set up goals at company level (in Talent management so role is necessary in the portal to create the same) and then cascade it to employees. This is available in both PMP and flexible.
  •  Calibration tool (only available for PMP)àit allows the comparison between employees within their team. Possible graphics.
  •  New integration with LSO= it can assign a training/course to an appraisal document which in return will create a mandatory assignment in LSO

1] Corporate Goals/Core values:

  • They are only maintained via portal (no IMG steps for the same in R/3). They are maintained in Talent management, thus Talent management role is necessary (HR administrator or Talent specialist).
  • The team goals are them maintained/created by manager is MSS in Personnel management.
  •  Once goals are cascaded (Company goals/core values as well as Team goals) they cannot be deleted. They can only be set as Obsolete.
  • The display of the structure is hard coded and allows only 3 levels.
  • The ratings for team goals can also be cascaded (although once done it cannot be changed.

SPRO Predefined process: Personnel Management -- personnel development -- Objective settings and appraisal -- Settings for predefined Performance Management Process

  1. Define template for Performance management (to create the template via talent management on portal).
  2. Configure Performance management process, also called 'Timeline'. This step cannot be performed without the previous one done (template is necessary).

SPRO Flexible process: Personnel Management -- Personnel Development --Objective settings and appraisal -- Define Tabs and process configuration.

In the catalog a new field has been added under the status flow tab. currently when using flexible template all the columns/criterions appears as a list (one under the other). To make the document more user friendly tabs can be created at criterion level.

Process configuration: First with have the steps-->then the item

Example:  Step1 'In Preparation'

                        ->Item 1 One to one meeting to discuss objectives

                        ->Item 2 Setting of goals/objectives

These items can be set to visible or not for the appraiser and/or appraisee.

The process is the setting of a timeline for the appraisal document.

There is also a possible integration with CM (compensation management)

II] Predefined process:

1-      Select the default option 1st= Performance Management

2-      In this first step you have several options:

Potential assessment: By selecting this field you will allow to make comparison between the employees within the team, and between their potential and their actual performance (graphics).

Approver: This field is used to choose who (which role) approve the appraisal document in phases 'In process' and 'In review'.

Additional appraisers and Activate workflow: self explanatory

Integration scenario:

Settings organizational Goals= integration with the Company goals and core value set in Talent management. They will be cascaded to the employee document

SAP learning solution= Integration with LSO. Access to LSO course catalog, and if one is selected a mandatory assignment can be created from the document, for the selected course in LSO.

Compensation= Integration with Compensation Management.

3-      In this second steps Ratings/scale are selected for Individual Goals, Competency and development goals, final appraisal and potential assessment. The scales are coming from 2 tables. First of all they have to be configured in the IMG: Personnel Management -- Personnel Development -- Master Data-- Edit Scales.

Then they also need an entry in table V_T77TMC_SCA_MAP where it is set as visible or not in PMP.

There is however one limitation in the scale where only scale from 1 to 5, 1 to 3, 1 to 10 and 1 to 6 are allowed.

4-      Last step is 'End Configuration' which saved the template in the backend and releases it in PHAP_CATALOG_PA.

II-a] Process/Timeline settings:

IMG: Personnel management -- Personnel Development -- Objective setting and appraisal -->Configure Performance management process.
This step is to set up a timeline for the appraisal process. Each phase is detailed and must be set to specific start and end date. It is also possible to enter description of each phase.

 III] Flexible process:

The customizing is the same as previous functionality, done via PHAP_CATALOG. The main difference is the use of web dynpro instead of BSP page technology.

Note: Also in the status flow tab of the appraisal template the description entered in the status change: description box will be displayed (it does not in standard BSP)

1-      Process configuration:

IMG: Personnel Management -- Define Tabs and process Configuration for template.

Basic/technical information

To test PMP/Flexible appraisal: SE80Edit object -- Tab 'web Object' -- filled application configuration field

For Predefined:



For Flexible:



Note: Both PMP and Flexible use Web dynpro technology


NOTE: For more details on these new functionalities as well as tutorials please follow the path below (from SAP service market place)

SAP ERP  6.0 Enhancement Packages > Human Capital Management > Talent Management: Performance&Enterprise Compensation Management > What's New in Performance Management (SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP Only). There are several documents/tutorials.

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  1. Guest

    Thanks for the post Sarah. Do you know where there is more detail on defining the tabs and process configuration for the flexible appraisal form?



  2. Hi Scott,

     A lot of information about these new development can be found on the portal under the following path using the link below:

    SAP ERP  6.0 Enhancement Packages > Human Capital Management > Talent Management: Performance&Enterprise Compensation Management > What's New in Performance Management (SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP Only). There are several documents/tutorials.

    Hope this help (I will also update the wiki page with this info)



  3. Guest

    Thanks for the posting.

     I have tried to locate the documents/tutorials, but did not find it.



  4. Hi Allan,

    As a new enhancement package has been delivered the documentation for ehp4 has been moved. Please check the link below, you should be able to find some info/presentation on ehp4 (then select ehp4 for HCM and or ehp4 for human capital managment)

    Please note also that the original link can be used to find presentation/info on EHP5.

    Hope this help