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Dear Customers,


To spare time for our Customers, we would like to provide a small itinerary about how to open the system connection for further analysis when opening an incident.

Please also let us know, if we are allowed to enter the system, as your confirmation is always required.


If the analysis of the incident needs to be done in the Customer system, than the incident has to be opened originally under the customer number under that is the istallation number of the relevant system.


If the relevant system is not found under the customer number of the Incident, Product Support Colleagues doesn't have access to the system and the secure area where the user and passowrd is stored.

So if the incident has been opened under the wrong customer number and if connection is needed, a new Incident needs to be opened against the correct customer number.



To avoid this time-consuming processes we would kindly like to draw your attention to the importance of customer numbers when opening a new incident in BCP or through the Market Place.


Plase always make sure, that the correct Installation Number is chosen against the relavant system under the required Customer Number.

If theese steps are correct, we should already be able to access your system without sending it back and asking for system access.


Two possible solution:

-          If Customer is using the Incident Wizard, choose the correct data according to your best knowledge.

-          If Customer is opening the incident through Solution Manager, the right system should be chosen automatically, if it’s wrong, than please have a look at your customizing.


For further details about connection issues, please check the below Notes.


508140 - Customer incident - Customer logon data

35010 - Service connections: Composite note (overview)

1845010 - Use of Transaction SM59 not permitted for performing a remote support session


We wish further pleasant cooperation with You! (smile)

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