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List of Bug Fixes in ER:



2114908 Text field cursor jumps to the beginning of the field
2064931 Input field history of a candidate is visible to other candidates
2029204Chrome: Content-Disposition-Header undefined (posting data overviews are shown with an error)
2025137 POWL: Incorrect data in buffer post UI view changes resulting in wrong selection


The form of address isn't shown in a seperate line anymore (valid for countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein)
1899812The tables show the default (standard) view although a custom one was created.
1797388Hash marks (#) are shown in notes/correspondences whenever you add a line break.
1759190PDF attachments are shown in a grey window.
1677721 The link in the smartform is shown in several lines and some characters are missing.
1417118 If you open windows in Web Dynpro services it can happen that the screen freezes (eg. the application wizard started from the job posting data overview).
1463903 Candidate names are missing in the assingment list (EhP4 in the Web Dynpro pages)
1370032Quick search in EhP4 has problems for the second search query (search doesn't work, hitlist is not shown and links are not working).
918236Print version Communication Failure: RFC destination SALV_WD_EXPORT_PDF does not exist.
1136322Attachment/Questionnaire links giving a dump

List of Useful notes in ER:

1903267 Browser: Internet Explorer 11 Release Notes


Troubleshooting E-recruiting ABAP Web Dynpro or BSP via Runtime Analysis


Information about data transfer in stand-alone or integrated scenarios (valid for EhP4 too)


Graphics, logos and images in correspondence in HTML


Released browsers for E-Recruiting


Information about workflows in SAP e-recruiting

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