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CONSULT.: HRMS France - News

 206583 - CONSULT.: HRMS France - News

This note is used to record the latest news regarding the French HR country version. All legal changes with an impact on components PA-PA-FR or PY-FR will be mentioned as well as other important milestones in the life cycle of the product.

835150 - CONSULT.: HR Public Sector France - News

This note is used to record the latest news regarding the French HR country version for Public Sector. All legal changes with an impact on components PY-FR-PS will be mentioned as well as other important milestones in the life cycle of the product.

Regular CLC packages delivery

Every quarter or so a France-specific CLC package is delivered, roughly four a year; it includes relevant legal change, corrections and enhancements.

1976241 - SAP_HRCFR CLC 2014-1 for France

This note gives a summary of legal changes, corrections and enhancements that are available within the country-specific legal change packages for France (components PY-FR* and PA-PA-FR*).

Previous CLC publishing
1874175 SAP_HR CLC 2013-3 (July) for France 19.08.2013
1882880 SAP_HR CLC 2013-4 (August) for France 12.08.2013
1858453 SAP_HR CLC 2013-2 for France 29.05.2013
1835578 SAP_HR CLC 2013-1 for France 18.03.2013
1779166 SAP_HR CLC 2012-9 for France 23.10.2012
1762299 SAP_HR CLC 2012-8 for France 23.10.2012
1737491 SAP_HR CLC 2012-7 for France 06.08.2012
1718116 SAP_HR CLC 2012-6 for France 29.06.2012

Access list of France-specific notes included in a specific SP

To found out what France-specific notes are included in a SP; browse the following link changing SAP version/EHP (XXX) level and SP level (YY) as search criterias. For instance the following link will give access to a list of France-specific notes for SAP 6.04 included in SP 72, string to modify is SAPK-XXXYYINSAPHRCFR where XXX hold SAP version and YY SP level:

Trending topics (early 2014)

Declustering Tool

1884525 - HCM Declustering Tools: Support of France Payroll Clusters

Adoption of HCM Declustering Tools has previously been delivered for the payroll result clusters for International country version (SAP Note 1774918). HCM Declustering Tools is now available for France.

HR Renewal

1957778 - HR Renewal: France Localization Note

This Note contains information about the product version 'HR Renewal Localization for France' for France relevant infotypes and actions .

1922296 - HCM Renewal Prep FR Specific

HCM Renewal Prep FR France Specific infotypes.

1982046 - HCM Renewal: FR Backend Corrections

This note is released for 'HR Renewal France Localiztion' project. It contains the backend changes of all the following infotypes, including decoupling class enhancement and structure enhancement:

  • IT0002 - Personal Data
  • IT0004 - Challenge
  • IT0006 - Addresses
  • IT0016 - Contract Elements
  • IT0021 - Family Member/Dependents
  • IT0217 - Employment contract: addit. Data
  • IT0218 - Membership to insurance
  • IT0272 - Garnishment (F)

HCM related SEPA 

1936397 - SEPA: Use of purpose code in HCM

 With the introduction of SEPA payments, the purpose code has been reintroduced. The purpose code replaces the text key in terms of content.

1930160 - SEPA purpose code: Delivery of sample entries

This SAP Note delivers sample entries for the new tables T77DME_PCD, V_T77DME_PCD_MOL, and V_T77DME_PCD_WT. You can use these sample entries to determine what you require in advance for a manual implementation.

Concurrent employee (CE)

1245073 - Availability of Concurrent Employment Localizations

This SAP Note provides information about the availabality of localizations for Concurrent Employment (CE).


|Country |CE PA Localization |CE PY Localization
|AU Australia |ECC 603 |ECC 603
|CA Canada |SAP R/3 Enterprise |SAP R/3 Enterprise
|CH Switzerland |ECC 600 |not available

|FR France

|SAP R/3 Enterprise

|not available

|GB Great Britain |SAP R/3 Enterprise |not available
|MX Mexico |ECC 602 |ECC 602
|RU Russia |ECC 605 |ECC 605
|SE Sweden |ECC 603  SP04 |ECC 603  SP04
|US USA |SAP R/3 Enterprise |SAP R/3 Enterprise