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The following wiki will provide a guide to customizing OTR texts for the E-Recruiting Solutions.


More often than not customers implementing SAP want to change most of the text that appears on the applications. This involves creating/ editing OTR (Online Text Repository) held in SAP. A lot of the text displayed can be changed in the provided configuration tables, for example start pages, definition of application sources etc. But there are several examples of OTR like 'Data Privacy Statement' that may require changes.

Creation of OTR - BSP and Web Dynpro:

It is very often that I spend a good amount of project time changing the text on BSP E-Recruiting Applications. For some reason, the OTR on the webdynpros are a lot more favourable.

So here is an easy guide to creating your own OTR Text.

1. Run transaction SOTR_EDIT.

2. OTR for E-Recruiting is stored under Alias PAOC_RCF_UI*

If you want to create new OTR, then simply click the create push button.

If you want to replace some of the OTR displayed on screen, then:

3. Search for the OTR by entering the alias as PAOC_RCF_UI*. This lists E-Recruiting OTR alphabetically.

4. Once the desired OTR is found, you can edit it from the menu bar Edit -> Context -> Change

5. The system will prompt for Country. Enter the country. This allows you to change the text.


  • You can find where the OTR is used from the menu bar Utilities -> Usages. This is another way of changing OTR. If you are aware of the BSP/webdynpro application calling this OTR, then you can directly change OTR through SE80. Simply choose the BSP application in SE80, then under the views you should be able to determine which view the OTR falls under. Double click on the OTR and choose change context (pencil icon), which prompts for Country and Industry. The industry is usually /0CUST/ for Customer Enhancements. This is usually a simpler option.
  • You can transport OTR.  - However, please note: 

OTR texts and context maybe overwritten during SP upgrade or EHP application, so if the OTR texts are lost you may need to transport from pre-patched system. However, please note you may also find a solution within note 1690510

Translation of OTR Texts:

Very often with dual language E-Recruiting implementations, it becomes necessary to translate OTR created in one language to another. This is possible in SAP but requires some patience. This is how it is done:

Firstly before you start attempting to translate, you would want to make sure that the translation language is set. In order to do this, in transaction SE63 -> Utilities -> Settings  

Now you have your language set up, so translation can begin.

1. Run Transaction SE63 - Under the header menu choose Translation -> ABAP Objects -> Short Texts. Often SE63_OTR does not work and gives an error "Coding is now obsolete. Use transaction SE63 instead"

2. This gives you a list of objects including OT - OTR (SOTR - OTR Short Texts)

Buffer Issues and OTR:

At times after transporting OTR's they do not display the changed text. In such cases, in Tcode SE38 >  run program SOTR_DEFAULT_CONTEXT_FLAG_SET and then reset the OTR buffer using /$OTR


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1714956 - translation tools for OTR
1690510 - OTR Customer-specific texts deleted during upgrade


  1. Unknown User (d3wwwws)

    HI Priya,

           I am working on E-rec , I have changed few standard OTR texts .... i have done it as mentioned in your post ...but after upgradation of the system..

    the changed OTR texts are lost .... Can you help in with your suggestions ..what additional thing we need to do in handling the uppgradation ...

    Like  need to apply any SAP note... or ???


  2. Unknown User (ifby0b4)


    OTR created under the customer enahcement namespace gets stored in a request. Wouldn't your basis team import the request that had been created?



  3. Unknown User (d3wwwws)

    Hi Priya,

    Let me be more  clear,

    I Changed few Standard OTR texts and assigned to an Transporting request as

    EDIT->Context->Change->assign to TR (pop up comes asking for Work bench request). ( IT asked for Country & Industry, I din't entered 

    any value as it should affect all counties) After this process the Transport Request has been moved to next level in the landscape.

    After movement ,At this point of time we Upgraded the system , as regular process the changes to the Standard objects(OTR) get  captured

    in SPAU/SPDD tcode,but are uncaptured.

    Kindly help out if is there any other option in transporting OTR texts  so that it is unaffected on upgradation of system.

    Suggest me if there is any other way,

    Please note that these changes are done to get affected to the Webdynpro Components.

  4. Hi ReddyKK,

     I believe it would help you a lot to raise a thread in HCM Forum. Can you do this? Because the Wiki is more study related and forum more issue resolution related...

    Best regards,

    Márcio Leoni

    HCM Wiki Moderator