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 This wiki page will explain how to solve a common issue when using ALE integration.


 When you are using HR integration via ALE functionality, you need to make sure that all relationships assigned to your object are not locked for transport or else you will get an error message.


In BD87 transaction or WE02 transaction, the idoc status is set to '52' and you get an error message "Object type CP is locked by T77TR" or "Object type locked" after downloading an employee from ECC system to CRM system.


To solve this issue you have to follow these steps below and delete these entries as in this case you are locking object Central Person (CP) which is required to create and link correctly to others object (Business Partner BP, Position S, User US) :

  1. Run transaction SM31 and select table T77TR in CRM system
  2. Remove all entries related to object type CP.

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