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P45 Sapscript Icon is not active

The feature GMSGD has been changed thru SAP Note 1379354 to allow the customizing of multiple action reasons for an action type.
Where the above SAP note has been applied,the leaver report(RPCP45GN/RPCP45GN_PRESELECTION),when run for leavers,does not have P45 Sapscript icon active to veiw and print the P45 SAPSCRIPT.

This happens where the above note has been applied by the customers,but GMSGD not maintained as mentioned in the note.

The leaver program has been changed accordingly to read the feature ,and if not maintained ,the leaver program will show all leavers as deceased,and not generate a P45 Sapscript.

Therefore it is important to maintain the feature accordingly,i.e.configure the action reasons for a given action type as per the screen shot taken as a sample.

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