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P45 is showing the wrong taxable pay for GB employees
When the P45 program  is run for some of the employees, the Taxable pay on the P45 is not the same as the payslip/RT table.
The payslip for the period shows the correct values of taxable pay and tax paid.
For e.g. payslip for the period say  01/4/2011 to 31/8/2011 the totals as as follows:-
Taxable Pay 14,758.85 gbp
Tax                 2,320.00 gbp

The leaver report P45 is however showing an amount of 15,132.11 gbp as Taxable Pay. This is also the amount shown when running a P14.
Note - The tax paid is correct on all documents.

The difference between the taxable pay(14,758.85) and P45 taxable pay 15132.11 is the total of  wage types /Z21 & /A21. These wage types are related to the NEW GL functionality which
have not been switched on.

Please explain why these wage types have been added even when the NEW GL Functionality is not switched on ?


You will need to have the above wagetypes /Z21 and /A21 be removed from the V_T596I ,for the subapplication P45.This will then have the P45 values corrected.

Further the above wagetypes will get delivered as part of the HRSP as applied ,and will be available in the payroll RT/CRT.

The wagetypes will take effect for the New GL functionality only when the Payroll function XLID is set to 'execute'...

Refer SAP note 1161364 -Great Britain: New G/L enablement for HCM (Payroll) .

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