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A general note on applying HMRC certificates


As confirmed in one of our earlier newsletters, SAP does not issue certificates - HMRC issues them.

We do not release SAP Notes with HMRC certificates attached. Installing the certificates is the responsibility of each organization and is a basis-related task.

You may find the steps to download them in informational Note 2012035. Please be aware that it does not contain code changes or certificates - it just describes an option to download certificates from one of the URLs of HMRC. You do not need to apply the Note itself to your system.

For more information on these certificates, please feel free to get in touch with HMRC themselves.


About importing the peer/root certificates:

When applying the certificate, please also try importing the peer certificates into the relevant SSL client's PSE.

Here are the steps to be performed:

a) execute t-code STRUST

b) open the relevant SSL client PSE folder

c) double click in one of the nodes inside the PSE folder (one with the green light)

d) click in the import certificate button, from the "Certificate" section

e) select the certificate file, open the file, then click in the "Add to Certificate List" button.

Now the first certificate should be listed in the "Certificate List" section.

You can repeat the operation above with the intermediate and the root certificates from the peer.

Finally, save the PSE and test the scenario again.

For more information about this, please contact the relevant basis personnel as this is a basis-related activity.

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