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Troubleshooting guide in HCM PY-XX-DT Posting

Welcome to HCM Troubleshooting guide in PY-XX-DT; the aim of this page is to help you to solve common errors you can get when you are doing posting. You'll find ways of identifying the error you've obtained, and description/tips about each type of error. 

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Other issues

RPCIPE does not select employees: See Note 987505

Posting run is not been generated for Off-Cycle results: See KBA 2763619

Performance issues:  See Note 1929899

Expected wagetypes don't appear in the document: Go to this link

Wagetypes are posted with unexpected sign: See Note 2536301  

 Posting document stuck in status 35 in PCP0: See Note 2223060

You cannot visualize payroll posting document in FI: See KBA 2531377

Problems when reversing posting documents: See Note 2394437

Feature PPMOD does not work as you expect: : Go to this link.

Table PCALAC not displayed in PC_PAYRESULT transaction: See Note 1471753

Posting to a particular Cost Center is not possible: See note 2437354

Cross-Company Code Document Number is not filled in FI documents: Go to this link

Document does not contain quantity information: See Note 1074740

Time out error occurs in RPCIPD00 when you try to display G/L lines of your posted documents: See KBA 2503763

TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED dump occurs during posting execution: See KBA 686971 for RPCIPE00 or note 2722288 for RPCIPE01

SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC dump occurs during posting execution: See KBA 2446408

Part of wagetype amount is not posted in assigned account: See KBA 2585346 

Item fields are blank in posting document: See KBA 2238097 

Frequent Questions & Answers

List of FI fields that cannot be managed by HR:  Go to this link

Posting run status: Go to this link

EC Payroll and the transfer of payroll results to accounting: See note 2907385

Q&A Authorizations and Payroll posting:  See Note 1235291 .

Q&A Month End Accruals: See Note 1136934.

Q&A How to customize Payroll Accounting postings: See 116523.

Q&A Distribution of Liabilities:  See Note 1039346.

Q&A Posting of Payments: See Note 2111388.

Q&A: How to use the Special GL Indicator in payroll posting:  See Note 1829668.

Q&A on posting of payr.acct.Rel.4.x-4.x in ALE scen.:  See Note 121614.

Q&A concerning posting from payroll in Release 4.x:  See Note 119865.

No bank posting of HR/FI-TV payrolls: See Note 90320.

RPCIPE00/RPCIPE00_OLD/RPCIPE01: Posting quantities in ERP 6.00: See Note 1074740.

RPCIPE01 First delivery: See Note 1079153.

Splitting documents: See Note 511614.

Allowing net-zero postings in HCM payroll posting programss: See Note 1639381.

How to change the account where WT is posted according to employee situation: See KBA 2580841 .

Inconsistency issues: Go to this link

Posting currency: Go to this link

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