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Tables with payroll objects
T52A0 - object types (FU -function, OP - operation) with internal codes (INUMB) and text. Internal object number. Contains names of payroll functions and operations
T52B1 - object classes (POTYP i. e. SCHE - payroll schema)
T52B2 - object attributes (PATTR)
T52B3 - object attributes (PATTR) for each object class
T52B4 - attribute values (PWERT)
T52B5 - assignment of values to objects from object classes
T52C0 - payroll schemas
T52C5 - personnel calculation rules
V_T582A - There is mark about retroactive accounting
V_T588G - Field-Specific Retroactive Accounting Recognition. Infotype fields and their relevance for payroll recalculation for previous periods

V_T52OCC - Categories for Off-Cycle Reasons
V_T52OCR - Reasons for Off-Cycle Payroll Runs and links to Categories from T52OCC

Tables with periods information for payroll
V_T549R - Period modifier (period parameters) - how often payroll is run for payroll area
V_T549A - Payroll areas. Connection of Payroll area, period parameters and date modifiers.
V_T549Q - Payroll periods. For selected period modifier payroll periods information should be added into this table.
V_T549S - Period-related date entries. For selected country, period modifier (period parameters) and payroll period various types of dates should be specified in this table
V_T54C1 - Calendar for cumulation.
V_T569R - Earliest Recalculation Dates for Time Management - earliest dates for various recalculation categories. Any changes before these dates are not taken into account.

T530 (V_T530_ALL) - Action reasons. Set payroll cluster split (column: Accounting split) for selected action and action reason
T549S (V_T549S) - period related date entries. Payment dates have to be entered here.
V_503_ALL - Employee Group/Subgroup. Here is connection between employee group and subgroup in IT0001 and various other subgroups
V_512W_O - view for wage types creation
V_512W_T - view for wage types copiing from other systems via Utilities->Adjustment
VC_T52DP - Processing classes
V_T511 - Wage type characteristics (example Indirect valuation of wage type for operation VAKEYINDBW)
pu30 - transaction for wage type copying
V_T51P6 - Characteristics of Arrears Deductions. It's used by function PRDNT
V_T51P1 - Wage type assignment (Payroll rule selects indicator and wage type from this table and change it to some other wage type specified further in the same row of this table)
V_T54C3 - Wage type cumulation
V_T5F99K2 - Customer values for configuration options
T546A - Maintenance of Employee Subgroup Groupings for Payroll

Tables for Taxes:
T7RUP0 - Tax schema
V_T7RUT1 - Tax classes and their priorities
V_T7RUT3 - Tax privileges with wage type specification
V_T77KZT1_PRIO, V_T7UAT1_PRIO - Wage types priorities in tax class
V_T511K, V_T511P - Payroll parameters. V_T511P contains various limits for payroll. V_T511P is maintained by SAP.

Tables for Averages

V_T51AV_P - Assignment of Wage Types to Average Calculation Rules
V_T51AV_A - Calculation rules for averages. Consists of Relevance rules, Cumulation rules, Final Processing rules, Comparison rules
V_T51AV_R - Relevance rules for averages
V_T51AV_B - Cumulation rules for bases for averages. Link to adjustment rule should be specified in this view. Each wage type field (RTE, NUM, AMT) can have its own adjustment rule specified in one of 3 fields "Adjustment rule" of this view.
V_T51AV_E - Final Processing rules for averages
V_T51AV_W - Comparison rules for averages
V_T51AV_C - Adjustment rules for bases for averages

Tables for garnishments
V_T7RUD3 - Limit Rules
V_T7RUD1 - Groups of deductions
V_T7RUD2 - Wage Types of deductions for limiting in each group of deductions

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