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Error in report HSKCSCP0

  • you run the report HSKCSCP0 and then you receive following error:
    Runtime Errors         CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_LENG
    Exception                  CX_SY_IMPORT_MISMATCH_ERROR
    "Error when attempting to IMPORT object "RL"
    Solution: you have to delete old entries in table T7SKRL.  Run HSKUSCP0 to delete the old entries from the table T7SKRL .

Limitation of gainful employment after termination of employment (Laobur code Nr. 311/2001 Z. z. § 83a )

  • you are looking for a WT to be able to maintain this limitation
  • there are only a few standard Wts in the system. When you need an another one, copy the model WT and adapt it according to your needs. (Labout code and collective agreement allow to define the WTs different)
  • E.g WT M375- paid by benefit or M145- value is entered direct
  • it depends on which kind of WT do you need
  • be aware, you have to define posting into FI, displaying at payroll, payslip, recalculation, statistics....


Registration of an employee with an agreement contract into the health insurance company for couple days

  • you would like to register an employee for e.g. two weeks, however the days during the weekend are not counted to insured days 
  • if days during the weekend are not a part of his working plan or part of his contract, system is not able to automatically count those days as insured
  • you have to use WT M96S- Oprava ZP poist.dni, entered in IT0015 to change the insured days manually
  • these days are then taken over into the WT /T1S and displayed on "Health insurance statement" and "Announcement about health insurance"






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