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Please pay attention that provided instructions are proposed as an example and will not be maintained (supported) next by SAP at customer applies.

How to output data (Form code, INN, KPP) of company reorganization.

To fill in the reorganization fields in XML, you need to extend the system as follows:

1.Create new organization parameters that specify the required values of the reorganization fields: 






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2. Extend the class CL_HRPAYRU_RMS_CITAX_ER_ACQ the method IF_HRPAYRU_RMS_CITAX_ER_ACQ~GET in order to fill in the organization data. 

For example:

3. Extend the TO_HEADER method of the class CL_HRPAYRU_6NDFL_PRODUCER to fill in the 6-NDFL structure with the organization data and the report period code.

4. Extend the ON_AGENT_OF_EMPLOYEE method of the CL_HRPAYRU_6NDFL_PRODUCER class to include personal data during reorganization periods.

5. After that the XML should look like this (for the organization that has the appropriate parameters entered):

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