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Transactions PY PT-PS

PC00_M19_ADSE_PAY_PS ADSE Payment Guide

PC00_M19_ADSE_TRT_PS Upload ADSE Treatment Data

PC00_M19_ADXPT0 ADSE: Generation of XML Files

PC00_M19_ASRPT0PBS Annual Staff Report

PC00_M19_CGAMF_PS CGA Magnetic File

PC00_M19_PBS_BDAP Public Sector Portugal – BDAP

PC00_M19_PBS_BDAP Public Sector Portugal - BDAP

PC00_M19_PROGRSS_PS Automatic Progression

PC00_M19_REMGD_PS Remuneration Guide

PC00_M19_SENIO_PS Calculate Seniority

PC00_M19_SIOE SIOE - Public Sector

PC00_M19_SOCBAL_PS Social Balance

PC00_M19_UTPS_PS HR-PT-PS: TemSe Display/Download Utilities

PC00_M19_VAL_PS Calculate Basic Pay

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