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                                                    SAP E-Recruiting:- Giving Organizations a Much needed Advantage
The SAP E-Recruiting application offers organizations the recruiting management functions needed to locate appropriate talent, including intelligent electronic screening, filtering, sorting, and ranking. Versatile and easy to use, the application not only opens new recruiting possibilities but also decisively strengthens the contribution that the recruiting function makes to your company's overall competitiveness. SAP E-Recruiting takes talent relationship management beyond organizational borders by creating a talent warehouse that serves as an effective sourcing channel that can help you develop early relationships with your potential workforce inside and outside your organization.

 I will help you in Finding some really helpful Information on the SAP E-recruitment Topic.
Here's a list of all the necessary information Required to Understand SAP E-Recruitment Architecture and Features:-

 E-Recruiting Basics

The basic workflow flows like this for a new recruitment -

      Manager Self Services


Step 1) Requests New "Requisition Request",and sends it to E-Recruitment

 Step 2) Creates New Requisition, based on certain criteria that should be fulfilled by a candidate as desired by Manager.


Step 3) The Job Posting to be published is
 Approved, and then published in Intranet, Internet and even Magazines.


Step 4) After the Application entry dates have closed, the Recruiter selects the list of desired candidates from the Talent Pool existing as well as received  Applications.

Step 5- B) Candidates are ranked based on their performance in Questionnaires by Managers.

Step 5) Candidates Applications are ranked based on their performance in Questionnaires. (Managers also Play part in ranking Candidates).


Step 6) Interviews conducted for Selected Candidates. The record for the candidates who are not slected is stored in Talent Pool.

Now after getting some idea about what all E-Recruitment is all about, We move on further with the Documentation related to Configuring as well as different features of The SAP E-Recruiting, such as:-
1) Architecture
2) Infotypes
3) Talent Relationship Management
4) Requisition Management
5) Talent Groups
6) Application Tracking

This extensive Documentation can be accessed from SAP Service Market Place, through this Link:-

SAP E-recruiting:- Media Library

There is a Very good demonstration regarding Creation of a new Requisition in E-Recruiting through MSS:-

New Requisition Through MSS

Also, some Great information can be read from SAP Press Publication :- Mastering HR Management with SAP - Look out for E-recruiting Topic. and under that you can go through like,
... 7.1 Business Principles ... 
... 7.2 The Process in mySAP ERP HCM ...
... 7.3 Looking at the Different Roles in E-Recruiting ...
... 7.4 Customizing and Technology ...
... 7.5 Critical Success Factors ...

Hope all this information is Helpful for getting Quick and Valuable working info on SAP E-Recruiting.
Shailesh Nagar

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