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Purpose of the SAP Enterprise Learning Community Workspace

We are glad you are here. We are excited about starting this community and hope you find it useful. This workspace does not have complete documentation on the SAP Enterprise Learning. However, it contains useful information on topics of interest for the SAP Learning Solution community. You are welcome to contribute to any section within the Guidelines and Suggested Structure  of the workspace.

Influencing the Content and Direction of this Community

The content and direction of this community is determined by the participants of the Learning Solution Community.

  • Click on the following link to access the FAQ
  • Click on the Comments TAB on the top to make a suggestion about where more knowledge is needed or add a comment about content that you have posted. You can also make suggestions about a page content within the page by adding your comment in blue color.

Taxonomy of the SAP Enterprise Learning Workspace

Consultants and Learning Professionals looking to share and learn about SAP Learning Solution. This is the broad taxonomy of information planned for this workspace.

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