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HR renewal is an add-on for SAP ERP enhancement packages that contains new capabilities for some HR areas. The HR renewal shipments contain functional as well as user experience improvements and are aimed to increase the productivity of HR Professionals and the overall HR efficiency.

Let's focus on the next stages for HR Renewal

For the documentation of the HR renewal versions, see the following pages in SAP Help Portal:

HR Renewal 1.0  
HR renewal shipment based on SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0

HR Renewal 2.0
HR renewal shipment based on SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0

Key innovation

1.Efficient navigation – landing page…
2.Consumer-grade look and feel – modern appearance
3.Introduction of social concepts – collaboration, feeds
4.Functional enhancements

Delivery and prerequisites

Quarterly “In-advance shipments”
ECC 6.0, Ehp6 prerequisite
NetWeaver Business Client or Portal

Redefined navigation helps to work more efficiently and effectively

Single point of access for employee, manager, and HR Professional roles
Quick navigation: everything within a few clicks
Fast data entry: entry helps such as cut, copy, paste, type ahead
Information organized, prioritized, better accessible to user
User friendly capabilities: search, save as draft



ESS Lane: My Info
My Info lane displays the short profile of the employee
Employees can launch key applications such as the Leave Request, Salary Statement, Time Sheet and Organizational View from the lane
Employees can view their own detailed Employee Profile by clicking the lane header

New Application: Employee Profile
Provides overview of the information about a specific employee
Information that is displayed changes based on the scenario in which the application is launched and the available authorization for the user who views the information.
Employees can use this application to display their own data, and managers can display the profile of the employees in their team.

New Application: Integrated Workforce Viewer
User-friendly, Web-based interface
Improved productivity, engagement, and user satisfaction
Extended object information (people view and organizational view)
Start process options, also for multiple employees
Employees can access the workforce viewer via the My Info lane or via the search results from the Search lane

New Application: Salary Statement
Provides employees with a detailed list of salary statement information
Employees can print their salary statements from this application or they can save them as portable document format (PDF) files
Search for any particular salary statement can be narrowed down by using the Months slider

New Application: Leave Request
Employees can use this service to request for leave or other absences or attendances.
The Calendar View displays the Leave, Travel, Trainings, and Birthday/Anniversary information of the team members
Employees can also display the Leave quota entitlement information
If additional approvers are allowed for the leave type, they can be added
If attachments are allowed for the leave type, end user can upload attachments

ESS Lane: My Services
Short lane displays the Favorites and Frequently Used employee self-services of an employee
Expanded view provides employees easy access to all the ESS services.
Employees can choose to mark a service as Favorite, launch applications, and also search for services using Search

ESS Lane: My Learnings
Provides an overview of the course bookings of employees
Allows to navigate to the detailed services available in the Learning Solution (LSO) application
Prerequisite is software component LSO FE 607

ESS Lane: Work Feeds
This lane displays content that is pushed from the backend system on the various activities the end user needs to act on, e.g. Time recording, salary statement, or expiring qualifications.
Administrators can configure the work feeds and decide if they can be unsubscribed by the end user.
End users can act on the work feeds and subscribe/un-subscribe to work feeds.

Search Lane Easily and intuitive access to the search features from whereever you are
Look up employee data, orgunits and positions from one simple search field
Access the Search features of the application from wherever you are
Easily navigate from Search results to any executable action or data look-up
Use filter to quickly find the right information

MSS Lane: Approvals
Displays the workflow-based Leave Approval, CATS Approval , Clock In/Clock Out Approval, and other approvals available to the manager
Lane can also be configured to provide an overview of the Web Dynpro ABAP POWL Inbox queries.

MSS Lane: My Team
Short lane provides managers with view of their team (direct reportees) and easy access to the employee profile.
Expanded view launches the Workforce Viewer with
Extended object information (people and organizational view)
Start process options for multiple employees

MSS Lane: My Team Services
Short lane displays the Favorites and Frequently Used services by a manager.
In the expanded view, managers have easy access to all the services applicable to their entire team. They can mark services as favorite, launch applications, and also search for services

MSS Lanes: My KPIs, KPI Monitor, and My Reports HR Analytics for Managers – Powered by HANA
Better insight into key metrics
Show real time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a glance
My KPIs lane provides overview of favorite KPIs in the manager’s area of responsibility
KPI Monitor for KPIs with a threshold customizing
My Reports Lane provides the manager a single point of entry to start his/her relevant favorite reports

New Application: Team Calendar
All date-related information is now available in one unified calendar
Calendar includes information from Leave, Travel, Learning Solution (trainings booking), Birthdays and Anniversaries, and Public Holidays. Information can be filtered based on events and employees.
This application is available both in the Employee and Manager roles

New Application: Employee Profile
Managers can use this application to get an overview of the information about a specific employee.
Information that is displayed changes based on the scenario in which the application is launched and the available authorization for the user who views the information
Managers can display the profile of the employees in their team

New Application: Employee Profile Notes Tab
Notes tab is available only to managers when viewing the profile of their direct reports.
Managers can
Can add tags and attachments to a note
Can flag a note as Positive or Negative
Can filter notes by tags and flags

What’s Next? HR Renewal 2.0

Planned Innovations
Enhanced feeds for ESS/MSS
Substitution lane for MSS
Redesigned timesheet approval and lane (SAPUI5)
Team Calendar enhancements
Payroll lane
Social learning
Workforce Viewer enhancements
Performance improvements for lanes
Simplified CATS Time Entry UI5 App and Lane

Future Direction
Dynamic Processing Framework for PA & OM
Mass processing enhancements to HCM P&F
Managers can initiate processes formerly available to HR administrators only
Operational and predictive analytics delivered as Virtual Data Models (VDMs)
HANA Live apps making use of VDMs
Additional lanes and apps for managers, and employees with consolidated content from SFSF
“Fiorify” HR renewal
ESS/MSS RDS (version 4)


A Renewed HR Expetience (Video)