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You are experiencing the shortdump SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC when using CAT2 or CATS_APPR_LITE.

This might be occurring because of inconsistencies on the CATSCO table in relation to the CATSDB, or because you have exceeded the maximum number range for creating IDs on the CATSDB.


There are three possible solutions for this issue:

1. Report to solve inconsistencies

The note 304418 contains the report ZCATSR00 which for the older versions solved the issues with this short dump.

2. The counters might have reached the maximum number

The counters are the ones created after there is a saved entry on CAT2 transaction.
Each of the entries generates a record on CATSDB table and the system might be shortdumpping because these counters have reached their limits.
To correct this:
   a. Go to SE16 and show the CATSDB table. Make sure that you show all of the records, normally this table has a lot of entries.

   b. Sort by COUNTER field and get the number of the highest counter number.
   c. Go to T-code SNRO and show the CATS table.
   d. Get the Number range transaction, normally CAC7 or CAC8.
   e. Verify the range on these transactions. If the ranges are low comparing to the higher number on CATSDB table, you should increase this value.

3. Notes

The notes 1368487 and 1357066 helped in some cases to solve errors regarding this short dump. It's safe to apply them as well.

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