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The purpose of this WIKI page is to explain how to configure the web services used by CATS application.

For the new UI of SOAMANAGER, please access the below WIKI link.

Overview of the configuration

The following consumer services are relevant:

  • EmployeeTimeAgreementERPPlannedWorkingTimeProvisionsByEmployeeQueryResponse_In
  • EmployeeTimeCalendarERPWorkingTimeSpecificationsByEmployeeQueryResponse_In

And the respective consumer proxies:



  1. Execute transaction SOAMANAGER:
  2. Click on "Web Service Configuration" in "Service Administration" tab:
  3. First, create the "Endpoint" of the first service, for this you need to search by "Service definition" the service:
  4. Select the line for EETMEAGR_PWTP_EE_QR and click on "Apply Selection":
  5. Click on "Configurations" tab and "Create" in order to create the EndPoint:
  6. Fill in the form and click on "Apply Settings":
  7. Check the "User ID/Password" flag in "Transport Channel Authentication" and save. If your application is running in HTTPS, you will need to configure here accordingly:
  8. Now click on "Show / hide selected Binding's or Service's WSDL URL" and copy the URL, you will need it in a later step:
  9. Now go back to the top of the screen and change the search criteria to "Consumer Proxy" keeping the same key search, then click on "Go":
  10. Select the line for CO_CATSEMPLOYEE_TIME_AGREEMENT and click on "Apply Selection":
  11. Click on "Configurations" tab and "Create" in order to create the Logical Port:
  12. Then fill in the form and click on "Apply Settings":
    a. Logical Port Name;
    b. Description;
    c. Check the flag "Logical Port is Default";
    d. Configuration Type: WSDL Based Configuration;
    e. WSDL Base: Via HTTP Access;
    f. URL for WSDL Access: here you will paste the URL copied in the step 8;
    g. WSDL Access User;
    h. WSDL Access Password
  13. Select the binding and click on "Apply Settings":
  14. Provide User Name and Password and save the Logical Port:
  15. The procedure for the first web service is done! Now repeat the process from step 3 for the other service:

Relevant application class


Time Agreement service:

Time Calendar service:

ATTENTION: these steps should work most of the time, but it is not guaranteed they will work on all cases. In some environments the automatic configuration does not work fine, if this happens please approach a Web Service consultant.

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