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The Shared Parental Leave solution comes with new constants held in table T5GPBS_ALL - like SSPL and BKRU. Making sure these exist in the table and are configured correctly is important to make sure the solution is working correctly. The entries missing or being incorrectly set up can lead to errors during payroll processing.

Error examples:

  • ShPL: T5GPBS_ALL constant 08/SXP/SSPL missing (at XX.XX.XXXX) - Message no. HRGB_GBSXP718
    Constant SSPL controls the activation of the 'Simplified' version of Shared Parental Leave & Pay.
    This constant needs to be in place in T5GPBS_ALL. You can activate the 'Simplified' SPL solution or de-activate it by setting the constant to either "X" or " " (i.e. space/blank).
    This is documented in below note:
    2186157 - PY-GB: Shared Parental Leave & Pay - Simplified Version


  • SPL Booking Request: T5GPBS_ALL constant missing (Keys 08/SXP/BKRU) - Message no. HRGB_GBSXP644
    The error is displayed either because the constant is missing or due to incorrect configuration - if e.g. constant SXP/BKRU has a greater start date (01.01.1900) than what is expected (01.01.1800). The correct start date, 01.01.1800, is documented in the 'SPL Master Data Customising Changes V3.docx' attached to the below note:
    2125847 - PY-GB: Shared Parental Leave & Pay




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