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This app is used by all the Fiori 2.0 applications and besides it is automatically added due to dependencies is necessary to activate the service.

In this library all the functionalities share by the apps are implemented:

  • Get On-Behalf Employee List

  • Get Colleagues of an Employee
  • Get Direct Reports of a Manager
  • Get Employees
  • Get Employee Number of the corresponding Manager
  • Get the Details for an Employee
  • Get the Employee Picture
  • Get the Office Address for an Employee
  • Get central Configuration
  • Employee is Manager ('X' = yes, SPACE = no)
  • Employee is Part of On-Behalf List ('X' = yes, SPACE = no)

Previous version: FIORI 1.0 BSP Application HCM_COMMON

This app is reuse by Employee Lookup and People Profile App

The service has to be activated for the path  /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/hcm_common

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