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3003624 - RIN of SAP FIORI FOR SAP HCM 2.0

SAP Fiori apps require front-end components (providing the user interface and the connection to the back end) and back-end components (providing the data). For a list of available Fiori apps and their required application servers, see SAP Fiori apps reference library. 

The relevant Software Components for the Fiori HCM Apps and where all the corrections are released are: 

          • For the Backend system:  GBX01HR5 for FIORI 2.0
          • For the Frontend system: UIHR002 for FIORI 2.0

To be sure you have all the functionalities and corrections; We recommend to get the system updated with the latest support package release for each Software Component. You can check it in  this link

Take into account that the update of the support packages in fronted and backend system should be done in parallel.

For example :

Fiori 2.0: If the GBX01HR5 is in SP15 the UIHR002 must be in the UIHR002 SP11, both released in the same date.

Q3/2021SP 019SP 015
Q2/2021SP 018SP 014
Q1/2021SP 017SP 013
Q4/2020SP 016SP 012

Into the following note, it is updated all the Release and Maintenance Strategy for SAP User Interface Technology (On-Premise) 2217489 - Maintenance and Update Strategy for SAP Fiori Front-End Server 

Previous version information:

2112483 - Release Information Note: SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0

  • For the Backend system:  GBX01HR
  • For the Frontend system: UIHR001  for FIORI 1.0

As this version is out of maintenance since 31.12.2020 no further SP will be released. The last SP were released on December 2020:

GBX01HR 600 SP19

UIHR001 100 SP18

It is also important to take into account this information about the Supported Browsers, Platforms and Reference Devices  for the SAP FIORI  

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