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After Notes Implementation and SP updates related to the Fiori components please clear cache accordingly:

2319491 - How to clean up the cache after applying changes that affect SAP Fiori apps

2743849 - Resource not found for the segment 'XXXXXXXX'

There are some incidents that can be solved with a simple search of notes and KBAs. You can get errors information as explained in How to analyze errors

(star)  Please check the KBA number 2081285  where it is explained "How to get best results from an SAP search" (star) 

Here you can find some examples that can help you to do a more effective search in the SAP Service Marketplace. Also there are some videos included

Please check the attached KBA about the Automated Note Search Tool (ANST ) It can help to you to: 
  • Search relevant and most accurate SAP Notes related to the bug.
  • Identification of custom codes which are related to the bug. 
  • Identification of customizing tables, missing entries.
  • Identify the possible objects from where debugging can be triggered.1818192 - FAQ: Automated Note Search Tool (ANST). In this KBA take the special attention to the points that are relevant for the FIORI HCM applications.
          • Support of FIORI Apps
          • Scan Source
          • Setting break-points
These points are available with the note correction   2605555 - ANST: Enhancement to support Fiori applications.

Also take int account the following Implementations recommendations 

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