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EFILING GB Customers on R/3 ERP2005 and above

Digital certificates are needed for a secure communication to happen between XI and HMRC.
Since the communication to HMRC is a https (secure) communication. All requests going to the HMRC Government Gateway should have the
Digital certificates.
Hence without Digital Certificates there is no way a communication can
happen with HMRC.

The following steps need to be followed to import the certificates.
The certificates then need to be loaded in the PI system using transaction STRUST.

Type the URL as mentioned

                                                                                                                                                        ↑   Click on the lock button

Click on the third tab certification path,

Go to VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary CA & Click on view certificate,

Go to details tab,

Click on Copy to file ,and follow the steps....

Here you need to click on Base -64 encoded X.509 (.CER)

Give any file name...

You can now view the certificate downloaded on to the desktop.

Carry out the similar steps for second certificate also (C) 97 Verisign

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