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This article explains the steps you can follow to find the Mag Media Line value in Tax reporter

Lets take an example say you have run the W2 you like to know from where Mag media values is coming in TEMSE file, for this we need to find what is the field attached to particular line

1) Double click on the line, so that it expand and displays by location

2) Let us say you want to know how the value comes in field "Federal Income tax withheld" in Location 25, for this go the Log and check the Mag Media file name



3) Go to IMG and go to "Define Original Tax forms" and look for the form "HR_F_MMREF_1"

4) Click on the Issuing of Tax forms

5) Choose Event 0006 "RT -Total Record" ( since we want to see the "RT -Total Record " value in Mag Media), click on "Magnetic Tape Structure" in the left hand side

6) Double click on the Line for Location 25


7) You can see 2 fields which is relevant for determining the value for the Location, one is "Take from Field" and another is "Or Directly", what ever entered in "Or Directly" will be shown if the value in "Take from field" is not relevant.
8) In "Take from Field" you can get the value either from Table(T5UX9) or  Infotype or Tax field.
9) If it is value from Tax field then you should follow the steps mentioned in the WIKI document
10) In case of Infotype, the infotype name and field is mapped as shown below, So it picks up the value directly from the Infotype



11)  If it is mapped to table T5UX9, it picks up the value from the table for the field value it is maintained


12) This value is maintained in T5UX9 as mentioned below




This way you can identify from where value is picked up and displayed in the Mag Media line value.

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