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This page lists some of the useful Supportability Tools SAP has delivered. These tools help our customers resolving issues faster.

(warning) New: HR Renewal analysis tool

A tool granting quick access to the most important functionalities used to analyze issues related to HR Renewal screens (also called 'mashup' screens).

  • Delivered in 2016
  • Use transaction: HRPAO_LAUNCHER
  • Check SAP note 2367064

ST22 Note Search

Searches for notes for Dumps based on a Name of the ABAP runtime error and / or exception.


ANST (“Automated Note Search Tool”)

Searches for notes based on the objects found in an ABAP trace.


PANKS (“Performance Assistant Note and KBA Search”)

Searches for notes and KBAs for ABAP messages based on an (error) message class and number.


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