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The Teachers' Pension Monthly Data Collection (MDC) solution introduced a constant to define the MDC Go live date in table T5GPBS_ALL (view V_T5GPBS_ALL):

T5GPBS_ALL (TPS/MDCL/01.01.1800/31.12.9999) MDC Go Live Date


The entry missing or being incorrectly set up can lead to an error during payroll processing.

"TPS Error; T5GPBS_ALL constant missing (Keys 08/TPS/MDCL/01.01.1800/31.12.9999)."

Having this constant in the system i.e. in T5GPBS_ALL is mandatory. The system needs to know whether the customer uses TP MDC or not.

For more information about the constant and this functionality, please see the "TP MDC Implementation Guide" document attached to below note:
2101001 PY-GB-PS: Teachers' Pension: Monthly Data Collection (MDC)

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