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This documentation was created to give a quick overview the Tax Reporter functionality, processing and the functionality behind.


The Tax Reporter functionality allow customer to report for FED and States authorities the employee/employer gains during the year. We will pass through some form configurations, fields definitions, processing classes, print option etc.

Further on this document the process of Tax Reporter will be plained, separating the reports to fill the Cluster PCL4, extract this data and generate the form itself. Including on the doumentation contain a related topic for further process on Tax Reporter (filing dates, Manual entries, as-of-date), a section regard performance on generation of forms are included in the documentation and the features used as well.

The Reporting Process

Prerequisites:  Relevant Payrolls must be exited; “Original” forms marked as filed may not be rebuilt (PCL4 updated) but may be reprinted using “Print Copies” functionality.

Starting a tax report initiates a 3 step process behind the scenes:

The “Scheduler” program (RPCTRSU0) selects persons to be processed and initiates the “Fill” and “Print” programs.

The “Fill” program (RPCTRCU0) extracts data from a number of sources, including Master Data, payroll results table RT, TR manual entries (tables T5UT1 & T5UT2) and remittance tables (T51R5 & T51R1), and populates the TR forms cluster (table PCL4, RELID U1).

The “Print” program (RPCTRPU0) reads TR forms cluster (PCL4) and generates reporting data in the various media supported by Tax Reporter, both on paper and magnetic media.

Regarding magnetic media: once an R/3 Temse is produced by Tax Reporter, the “Download” program (RPCTRTU0) performs certain formatting while downloading the Temse to a disk file.

The interface presents tax forms that can be produced and checks prerequisites like payroll status and prior tax form runs.

Tax form presentation is controlled by tables: T5UT4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and tables T51T5, 6, and 7. T5UT8 relates to the substitution of a customer form for an SAP standard form.

Payroll status is stored in table T569V.  The status of the Payroll Area is maintained on the Control Record using transaction PA03.

Tax Reporter status (bookkeeping) is stored in view V_5UXY_A.  This can be displayed via transaction SE16.  This table is can only be maintained by the relevant programs.
The “Scheduler” program (RPCTRSU0) selects persons to be processed and initiates the “Fill” and “Print” programs.

Tax Company defined by combination of Personnel Area & Subarea in V_T5U0P

Feature UTXRP allows you to report a person who was paid under one tax company (A), under a different tax company (B). The employee receives one W-2 with tax company B’s FEIN. This is useful when one division or company takes over another.

The tax form group (TFG) related configuration tables define the pool of payroll wage types that can be considered and the buckets to which the  wage types are mapped. They also facilitate the delivery of pre-configured forms.

  • Reads TR cluster in PCL4, formats Temse files and printed output according to configuration 

The “Print” program (RPCTRPU0) reads TR forms cluster (PCL4), form output specifications and certain features to generate reporting data in the various media supported by Tax Reporter (for both on paper and magnetic media).

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