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This documentation was created to give a quick overview the Tax Reporter functionality, processing and the functionality behind.


The Tax Reporter functionality allow customer to report for FED and States authorities the employee/employer gains during the year. We will pass through some form configurations, fields definitions, processing classes, print option etc.

This chapter will pass to some form and file formats delivered in Tax Reporter.

Tax Reporter- Form Formats


W2 - W2 is a wage and tax information statement provided to employees and both the Internal Revenue Service and the appropriate State. It is not designed to summarize earnings but rather to let withholding entities know how much taxable income employees had during the calendar year and how much tax was paid by employees during the calendar year.

W-3 - W-3 has the total of the amounts reported on the employee's W-2s. This form acts as a reconciliation of the W-2s.

 W-4 - The Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, is used to calculate the correct amount of federal income tax to withhold from an employee's wages. An employer must keep the W-4 on file for each employee. The 940 is the employer's annual federal unemployment (FUTA) tax return. 

1099 - This form is similar to the W-2 as it states payments and any withholding for a non-employee that the company paid during the year

1099 R- Is a 1099 for retirees.

 PDF Format

In releases above ECC 5.0, tax reporter is only produced in PDF format, unless a copy is being produced for a previous year.


In releases under ECC 5.0 Tax Reporter forms are produced in SAPSCRIPT format.

See SAP Note:  958229 U.S. Tax Reporter - Year-End 2006 Phase I

 Magnetic media:

Multiple tax companies can be combined on one tape/disk using feature UTXTM

Once an R/3 Temse is produced by Tax Reporter, the “Download” program (RPCTRTU0) performs certain formatting, like ASCII to EBCIDIC conversions and insertion of carriage return/linefeed characters, while downloading the Temse to a disk file.

  •  LOG MANAGER: This program (RPCTRLU0) is an administrative tool designed to provide an overview of every reporting run that Tax Reporter performs.  The user can open the tree structure to review detailed information for any run. 

Selection criteria show the Tax Company & Tax Forms, PERNRs selected.  Output for Forms shows spool number, Mag Media show TEMSE ID number. 

Feature TEMSE is used to set retention period of the TEMSE’s and of these Log Manager records. 

SAP Note 48400 describes daily Consistency Check procedures, run the Consistency Check once for spools without TEMSE’s and then again for TEMSE’s without spools.              

Then you would run RPUTSR00 to delete the TEMSE’s based on feature TEMSE and run your RSPO1041 to delete the spools it specifies.        

Adjustments come from T5UT1 (employee details) & T5UT2 (form summary – like totals) Manual entries.

If Production there may be a node for Configuration remarks = Configuration Checker noted a concern.

 MMREF/ ICESA format

 ICESA format is a format for files which is used by many states.

The general form for this format is HR_F_MMREF_1_GEN:

  • RA records- contain header information
  • RE record- when there are multiple companies this is used to identify the company.
  • RW record- aggregation level, contains EE information, EE number, address, social security number and federal withholding info. RW does not exist at state level, it only exists at federal level.
  • RO record- designed for state territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam etc. Some information is also placed here for Non-US state territories for reporting because fed authorities are running out of fields for RW. RO is reported at EE level.
  • RS Record- personal information, state income tax, state taxable etc. Reports at EE level and reports to state.
  • RT- on MMREF1 RT record is on tax company summary level it was designed to report on summary (total) RW record.
  • RU record- summary of RO record for US territory.
  • RF record- final record, usually the shortest record with a couple of fields, how many RW fields across all tax companies.

- Note that not all MMREF1 files have all these \fields; it depends on the state requirements.

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