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  • Describe the subject of the issue concisely and clearly.
  • If the issue is an error message, include the exact error message as text for searchability.
  • If there is more than one symptom, list them from less detailed to more detailed.
  • Use bullet points if there is more than one item listed.


  • Add environment information to help classify the issue.
  • Environment information is true before and after the resolution has been applied.
  • Use bullet points if there is more than one item listed.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Deliver a step by step description in order that the customer would follow.
  • Make sure to stick to the reproduction of issues (no cause, no resolution here).


  • The cause helps others understand why issues occur and clearly states the underlying cause of the problem.


  • The resolution must address the issue/question stated in the symptom section.
  • If multiple steps must be followed in a specific order, use a NUMBERED LIST.
  • Clearly state the action(s) required to resolve the issue.
  • In most cases, the symptom(s) should disappear after the resolution has been applied.

See also

Use the See Also tab to add additional information such as helpful references or useful links.

* - Mandatory sections.

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