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The content of this document shows how to test the W-2 Online functionality using Web Dynpro Abap.


The Online W-2 Guide is for customers who use Tax Reporter and allow their employees to choose whether they want to receive their Forms W-2/W-2c on paper or to view them online, by using an Employee Self-Service (ESS) scenario. We will see some configurations active testing the functionality using the package PAOC_ESS_PER_US, testing the screen of election of officials for the W-2 Online and the presentation screen of W-2 form.

Activating Business Function

Call transaction SFW5 and activate business function HCM_LOC_CI_29.

The delivery of business function HCM_LOC_CI_29 for EhP5 is contained in

SAP Note No.: 1633358 Corrections to Online W-2: Wave 1

Testing Election Period Screen ESS Page

Online W-2 provides an Employee Self-Service (ESS) scenario to allow the employees to choose whether they want to receive their Forms W-2/W-2c via paper or to have them available online. Additionally, it is possible for the HR administration to create and check an election directly in transaction PA30.

The election process is launched by WebDynpro Application HRESS_A_PER_US_ONLINE_W2.

However, in cases if the administrator wants to test the period of election directly from the “Election page” instead connect to portal, this process allow the administrator to view the content of the Election page for W-2/W-2C.

  • Create a record in the IT0105 (communications) subtype 0001 (System user name (SY-UNAME) using the userid

  •   Call transactionSE80 > Package PAOC_ESS_PER_US

  • Expand the node Web Dynpro > Web Dynpro Applic

  • Select the option HRESS_A_PER_US_ONLINE_W2 - Election for Online W-2  > Applic. Configurations > HRESS_AC_PER_US_ONLINE_W2 > Test

After selecting the option, the user will be prompted to confirm the election. After this, the election is stored in the back end in the Online Election (3228) infotype, with subtype W2.

Testing Reporting Period Screen on ESS Page

Once the employee is elected to view the W-2/W-2C form through ESS Portal page, the reporting functionality can be tested as well, the forms W-2/W-2C can be displayed in the IT3228. The process is similar as described in the section above, using the same Package to test the Web Dynpro application.

The ESS is launched with ABAP WebDynpro Application HRESS_A_REP_US_ONLINE_W2.

  • Call transactionSE80 > Package PAOC_ESS_PER_US
  • Expand the node Web Dynpro > Web Dynpro Applic.

  • Select the option HRESS_A_REP_US_ONLINE_W2 Reporting of Online W-2 > Applic. Configurations > HRESS_AC_REP_US_ONLINE_W2 > Test

The search returns a list of forms matching the filter criteria. In the example below, the user has only the original Form W-2 available online.

Checking ESS Service

  •  Execute transaction SICF, and on the subsequent screen, from the application toolbar, choose Execute.
  •  On the next screen, expand the services as shown:

  • Check if the service is active.

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  1. Unknown User (100c4fo35)

    Hi  Graziela

    Thanks for the article. We are trying to set the online W2 election and the New button is missing. We tried in another box, and the new button shows up but we are running into the dump with CX_HRPA_VIOLATED_PRECONDITION when creating a New election. Is there any additional configuration required? 

    Thanks, Raj

  2. Former Member

    Hi Raj,


    Maintain table T7XSSPERSUBTYPE and recheck.



    Veeranji Reddy P

  3. Former Member

    HI Gurus,

    Hopefully someone out there can help me out with this question. Does anyone know if there is any way to set up the system to enable the W2 online even if the employee opted for the paper/mail option ? My client wants everyone to be able to display the W2 form online, even if the employee elected to receive the W-2  in Paper during the election period.



    1. Former Member

      Hi Javier,

      My client is looking for the same functionality. Did you ever come up with a way to accomplish this? If so, could you please share with me?


      Thank you!


      1. Dear Jamie and Javier,

        This functionality is not available.  You may choose to force the paper generation (feature UTREL, FORCEPAPER), but not the online one.

        You may contact ASUG to raise this request.  More information is available in SAP Note 11.



        Cassiana Giani.

      2. Create 3228 for all employees with online option. and do set force paper in the feature. It should work.

        1. Hello Karthik,

          If we create IT3228 for all employees, then we won't know who selected paper and who selected online option. And if you set force paper in the feature, that will add cost in printing and cost can be huge when a company might have to print 20,000 more copies in addition to 30,000 they already print.

          What we've done is we have our own WDA application and in TR, we make 2 runs where in the 1st run we run everyone to give online option and then in the 2nd run, we print employee copy by excluding online elections.

          But with our WDA, we don't get a PDF copy on IT3228 so we'd really like to use HRESS_A_REP_US_ONLINE_W2 but we need the W2 enabled for everyone, even those that opted for paper. I hope it'll be considered for future enhancements.



  4. Anonymous

    Hi All, this article helped a lot in figuring out many thing,

    Now we are in the stage, where IT3228 creation through ESS is not ONLY working for employees who have Re Hire record in their IT0000, any clues/notes to fix this issue.

    for the rest of the employees its working fine, creation of IT3228 and displaying the W2 form online.


    Advance thanks for your inputs.



  5. We are preparing a prototype for this functionality (ECC 6.0 EHP7).  The Online W-2 User Guide does not reference business function HCM_LOC_CI_29.  Is this still required?  Is the mapping for the two WebDynpro ABAP Applications done thru the Launchpad (Role: ESS   Instance: Menu)?  Is there any documentation anywhere that outlines the Launchpad entries?  I have yet to find a good beginning-to-end document that outlines all of the steps needed to implement Online W-2.  The User Guide has quite a bit of information but there are pieces missing (such as activation of the business function).

    Any additional assistance or guidance will be appreciated.


      1. You need to implement all the OSS notes from Wave 1 to 7 (not sure if there is any more). Follow the instructions in the OSS note. It is mandatory.
      2. If you are using standard launchpad role, no need to make changes to it.
      3. Activation of the business functions explained in the OSS note itself.