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The database table for the Time Sheet (CATSDB) contains all the data that has been recorded using the Time Sheet.


As soon as a user has entered and saved dat in the time sheet, the system writes the record to  CATSDB. When the records

have the processing status 30 (Approved) or 60 (Canceled), the system writes them to the relevant interfaces tables in Human

Resources, Controling, Plant Maintenace/Customer Service, Project System, and Material Mangement based on the working time

 attributes that have entered.


Listed below are important fields which are filled fro ecah record regardless of its working time attributes or in the case of the

reference counter, can be filled:

  • Personnel number
  • Processing status
  • Counter

 Each record that is stored in CATSDB is assigned a counter. The counter is assigned by the system and is 12 digits long.

 Reference counter    If a record with the processing status 30 (approved) is changed, the system also assigns it a reference counter

          The reference counter is also 12 digits long.  

         A reference counter is assigned as follows: The original record is retained and its processing status is chnaged from 30 (Approved)

         to 50 (changed after apporval) or 60 (canceled). At the same time, the system creates a new record to reflect the changes. The

         new record   is assigned the processing status 10 (in process), 20 (released), or 30 (approved), depending on profile settings. The

         new record is assingned  a reference counter to link it to the original record, which now has the status 50 or 60. The reference counter

         corresponds to the counter of the original record.

    • Document Number.

         As soon as a record has the corresponding status 30 (approved), the system assigns it a document number. The document number is

         assigned sequentially and is 10 digits long. The document number represents the key fro identifying the record, even after it has been

         transfered to the target components.

In addition, the system also provides information on the person who created the record, when the record was created and, if necessary, on

person who changed the record and when it was changed. You can also see whether a short or long text exist for the record.