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Time Evaluation and Retroactive Accounting:

The system stores information within the framework of Time Evaluation. This information controls the employee's time evaluation..

Earliest Possible Retroactive Accounting Date in Time Evaluation Purpose: 

The Earl.pers.RA date (Earliest personal retroactive accounting date in time evaluation RPTIME00 program) field enables you to determine the date up to which retroactive accounting for time evaluation and pair formation is possible for the employee.  

Retroactive Accounting Date for Time Evaluation:

At the start of every time evaluation, the Time Evaluation Report (RPTIME00) determines the period that is to be evaluated for each employee.

In the standard system, the last date of the evaluation is the date on which the time evaluation was performed. Various factors determine the first date of the evaluation. For instance, you can specify the date in the report selection screen. However, two dates stored in the system are essential for determining the first evaluation date.

                      • The PDC recalculation Date
                      •  Pair formation errors into the RPTIME00.

PDC recalculation date:

The report RPTIME00 determines the first day that  can be evaluated based on the retroactive accounting date from plant data  collection (PDC) stored in the PDC recalculation field (PDC      recalculation date) in the Payroll Status infotype (0003). As a rule, the date entered refers to the date of the employee's last error free time evaluation. If the PDC recalculation date is determined on the basis of an error in time evaluation, the PDC error indicator is set.

The system automatically resets the PDC recalculation date if changes are made for periods that have already been evaluated in infotypes that are relevant to recalculations.

You can overwrite the PDC recalculation date. However, you should only use this function for test purposes. To ensure that there are no gaps in the evaluation of time data, you should not      change this date.

Pair formation errors also trigger a  recalculation. However, this recalculation date is not entered in the Payroll  Status infotype (0003).  

The system uses the earliest of the two recalculation dates. In certain circumstances, changes to the PDC recalculation date are ignored by the system.

Retroactive Accounting of the Personal Calendar

Retroactive Accounting of Personal Calendar: 

The Personal calendar from field contains the date as of which the employee’s personal calendar is generated. This date only affects national versions of the calendar that can be generated by special reports. This date does not affect recalculations of the personal calendar in the international version.

PDC Error Indicator

PDC Error Indicator: 

If the report RPTIME00 comes across an error for an employee, the system automatically sets the PDC error indicator.  The system also simultaneously writes the employee's personnel number to the PDC Error Indicator Search Help. You can use this search help to subsequently select and re-evaluate the personnel number that was not evaluated by the report RPTIME00. The system automatically resets the PDC error indicator for all the personnel numbers that are successfully re-evaluated.

Related Notes:

Also please check the KBA 1998210 - Reasons, not related to the IT0003 for the retroactivity into the time evaluation program RPTIME00  for more information related to the Retroactivity.

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