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Infotype is very important in SAP HCM module. Everybody should know it, especially Functional Consultant who has to deeply understand what's infotype, where it's stored,  how it's configured, etc. Today I will share a tip: how to find configuration table from Infotype. 

1st example: when you are processing IT2001 - Absence, you don't know where to configure Absence Types :-? Please following some steps below:

open screen IT2001 and pressing F1 key on Absence Type:

As you can see in picture above, you will have Field Name: AWART.

Now using T-Code SE11, with table PA2001 (normally all IF, Database is PA + IF number) and looking for field AWART by using Ctrl + F.

And double click on AWART field.

As you can see, the table for configuration is T554S. Just using T-Code SM30 or SM31 with table T554S or Table view V_T554S. From now you can check and modify configuration as per as your customer's expectation :)

2nd example: with IT0014

After doing with same steps in 1st example, you will find configuration table - T512Z.

NOTE: you should carefully investigate V_T582A in SM30 / SM31, you will have more knowledge to control your time evaluation, payroll, as well subtype and start date, end date of Infotype. This view is very necessary. 

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