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V_T5F99OMFG - Enter logical form name (or in transaction spro Payroll: Russia->Reporting->General Tools->Determine Form Parameters)
V_T5F99OSFT - Assign Form Variant to a report (logical form name) (in transaction sm30).
VC_T7RU_99F0 - DAQ customizing of the fields of the form (in transaction sm34)
V_T7RUDATAFORMAT - Data output format for Reports
T7RUXMLTRANSL - Data translation for HR-CIS forms
T7RUFORMCONST - Initial values for form fields (Here are names of fields for Manager of organization and others which are entered in "Additional Form Adjustment")
T7RURPTGR - documents groupings for reports

V_T7RUN8 - Assign wage code and groups to reports
T7RUNC - Wage code creation
T7RUN6 - Wage code grouping
T7RUN4 - Cumulation of wage codes
V_T5F99K2 - view for tables of various switches
HRPADRUT7RUN - Assign wage types from payroll tables to wage codes in reports in Russia
V_T7UAN2 - view for wage codes customizing in Ukraine

V_T52D5 - Wage type group creation
V_T52D7 - Assign wage type to wage type group

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