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Please find below some useful transactions and reports

  • Reports in the source system used in this component are:



RHALEINI (transaction PFAL)

to distribute HR Master Data. This report included a very good documentation. In case of issues with this report, please check the documentation.


this report is executed in the target system in order to update the business partners with the HR data. It is a complex report with integration with many other modules through specific BADI implementations. It also has a special parameter ("Changes since") which is used to manage the background repair of the affected objects.


this report creates IDocs based on the change pointers for HR data from a given date/time. It can reprocess already sent change pointers.


this report displays the change pointers that have been written for HR data.


creates the IDOC from all the unprocessed changes pointers for a given message type.


sends the IDOCs to the target system.



  •  Reports in the target system :




to process the IDOCs. In oder to know if the IDOC is processed immediately or not, check in WE20, in the partner profile, the inbound parameters, if in inbound options the processing by function module is set to 'Tigger by Background program'.


process a faulty IDOC

  • Important Transactions :

WE09: you can search for an IDOC, enter the direction, the logical message e.g. HRMD_ABA, search in segment: E1P1000, search field: OBJID, for value: ...

BD87: you can view an IDOC and process it.SALE: to jump to IMG

PFAL: initial/delta distribution

BDM5: check technical consistency of the connection.

SM58: List all IDOCs that have not been replicated. You can see the IDOC that have been created in the source system but not distributed.

BD64: distribution model with filter

WE20: look/change customizing for processing type.

WE30: to view/change a basic message type, to view which segments are contained there. See note 105148 if there are missing segments (infotypes).

WE31: you can see/change the fields contained in the segments. Most of the time the segment contains the same fields as the infotype.

WE19 - this is usefull to copy an IDOC in error, and reprocess it. It also allows modification of the copied idoc.

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