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List of most important Transactions and Reports in ER


  • QISRSCENARIO - To display scenarios (e.g.: Change personnel area and Subarea)
  • SOTR_EDIT - Editor for OTR Texts (Use this transactions to change almost any text that appears on E-Recruiting Pages)
  • SWDD - Workflow Builder
  • SWI1 - Workflow Log
  • SWEL - Event Trace
  • SWETYPV - Event Linkage
  • POWL_TYPE - POWL parameter / Feeder classes
  • SFW5 - Business Functions
  • SICF - Maintain Services
  • SOST - SAPconnect Send Requests
  • SMARTFORMS - Maintain Smartforms
  • Transactions in Recruitment (300 version)

Iviews - on EhP4

  • Process Browser - Overview of all Requisition Requests started by the manager.


  • RCF_GENERATE_URLS - To generate the URLs for E-Recruiting
  • RCF_CREATE_USER - To generate candidate for a backend user
  • RCF_SEARCH_VARIANT_LOG - Query Log for Requisitions
  • RCF_DELETE_EXT_CAND - Program for Deleting External Candidates
  • RCF_DBCDCYL_INDEXING - Indexing of Assignment Lists for Requisitions
  • RCF_UPDATE_EXT_CANDIDATES - Change user type of external candidates
  • RCF_AGENT_SERVICES - E-Recruiting Periodical Service
  • RCF_CHECK_SEARCH_SETTINGS - checks whether the search settings are correct
  • Sample report to show Candidates with Job Agents