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Transactions in Time Management (PT-RC and PT-WS)

PA30/PA20 (maintain/display master data)

  • 'special': delimit function (this function is not possible with PA61. The delimit function is also possible within PA40 > typical case)
  • also in PA61 > Utilities > change payroll status (infotype 0003)
  • also in PA61 > special 'entry' in some fields, e. g.
    • infotype: 2002/01, all possibilities for time data > 2*
    • begin/end data: w (weekly), , m (monthly), j (yearly)
    • clear field with '!'
    • personnel number (match code)

PT40 - Time Management Pool

  • One place where all data related to Time Management can be viewed
  • From this transaction you can run run various report. Most important reports are:
    • Error handling - RPTERL00: This report reads all the messages that are generated when we run Time Evaluation
    • Time Data - Weekly Calendar (IT2052) - On this screen, you can record attendance and absence on the same scree
    • Time Data - Monthly Calendar (IT2051) - This screen shows the applicableDaily Work Schedule for the employee/WS Rule
    • Time DAta - Annual Calendar(IT2050) - This screen shows the all the days in the year and how are the days placed in each month (This is the Personal Calendar of an employee)

PT50 - Quota Overview

  • Details regarding all quotas can be viewed
  • You can view the Total Absence Quotas, Attendance Quotas and Accrual information.

PA61/PA51 (maintain/display time data)

  • 'special' functions:
    • list entry
    • weekly calendar (infotype 2052)
    • monthly calendar (infotype 2051)
    • annual calendar (infotype 2050)

PA62 (maintain additional time data)

  • very seldom used

PT69 (For multiple persons and infotypes > report RPTENT00)

  • recommendation from SAP to use transaction PTMW starting with release 4.6C (consultancy note 746999)
  • starting with release 4.7 transaction PT69 is withdrawn from the SAP Easy Access menu (here interesting: Extras > settings > Display technical names).

PA70 (fast entry of master data) and PA71 (fast entry of time data)

  • in this case the same functionality (comparing with single entry) > other entries for infotypes (as default values > customizing of master data)

PT 60 - Time Evaluation Driver

  • Tcode forTime Evaluation Program RPTIME00

Important reports in SAP Easy Access

Human Resources > Time Management > Administration > Tools > Tools Selection

  • Cluster (Display cluster information)
    • RPCLSTPC - display pers. Calendar (PC)
    • RPCLSTB1 - temp. time evaluation results
    • RPCLSTB2 - time evaluation results
  • Absence/attendance:
    • RPT55400 > better here: SM31 > T554S
    • RPTUPD00 > see also documentation of this report. This is only relevant for PA30/PA61. In TMW this is done automatically when attendances/absences are processed
    • RPTBPC10 > very important report in case of inconsistencies in quota deduction (normally table PTQUODED). This report is normally started from report RPTKOK00. Important things here: no recalculation (infotype 0003). Also important are the parameters and the time period! See also OSS note 534275 for the sequence of quota deduction > modifiying Include RPTBPC10_DED_ORDER!
    • RPTLEA30: this report is only for infotype 0005 (annual leave). For infotype 2006 there is report RPTQTA00. Report RPILVA00 is only for infotype 0005
    • RPTLEACONV: see also OSS notes 185963 and 366686. Changing from infotype 0005 to infotype 2006
  • Work schedule
    • RPTSHF00 (see also user-exit). Generate work schedules. Transaction PT01. Customizing table T508A. Entries are generated in table T552A
    • RPUTPR00: recalculate daily work schedules. This report is also in the IMG. It has to be used when a break schedule is changed > new evaluation of the work schedule
    • RPUWSH00: recalculate planned working time. Change of infotype 0007
    • RPTBPC00: generate personal calendar (cluster PC). The calendar will be generated year by year.

Important reports / transactions

RPTIME00 (PT60) - time evaluation driver
RPTIME01 - time evaluation driver for concurrent employment

PE01 - Personnel calculation schemas
PE02 - Personnel calculation rules
PE03 - Features
PE04 - Functions and operations

SCAL - Create \ View Public Holiday & Public Holiday Calendar

PT01 - Generate Work Schedule
PT02 - Change Work Schedule

PT03 - Displan Work Schedule

RPTEDT00 (PT61) - time statement form to present time accounts and time wage types determined by time evaluation in a formatted layout
PE50 - form editor

HRFORMS - access HRFORMS-based time statement
• standard form SAP_TIM_99_0001
• enhanced form SAP_TIM_99_0002

PT80 - Sub-system Connection
In this transaction, you can  trigger creation of IDocs to send HR minimaster data, cost centers data, Internal orders, WBS elements and other objects to the sub-system. You may not need to send all thed ata.
Second, you can send the Available Time Events and Attendance/absence Reasons to the sub-system.
Third, you can send Balances from Time Types to the sub-system clocks.

Next, you can sent the IDoc that will trigger upload of Time Events from the sub-system to SAP (CC1TEV - temporary table) and eventually post the Time Events from the temporary table (CC1TEV) to the infotypes - IT2011. If there are errors while posting the Time Events from CC1TEV to IT2011 (TEVEN) you can correct the time positngs through this TCode.

You can also look into Employee Expenditure and Logistic Integration with this transaction.

RPTABS20 (PT64) - provides an overview (ALV list) over entered absences and attendances to summarize, classify and sort the entered data.
RPTABS50 (PT90) - provides an calendar overview of entered absences and attendances and statistics
RPTBAL00 - enables to analyze the results of time evaluation according to various aspects of organizational assignment.
RPTQTA10 - creates an overview of employees' absence quotas according to various aspects.

RPTQTA00 - Generate Absence Quotas 

RPUP2D10 - Delete time evaluation results

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